Concept Food Consulting


Many different reasons why you need consulting:


  • Not only for struggling companies

  • To increase your social reputation

  • To increase your profit margins

  • To ease and clean your working politics

  • Streamlining your business.



Concept Hospitality Consulting


The Hospitality specialized consulting company.






con·​sult·​ing | \ kən-ˈsəl-tiŋ  \

Definition of consulting

1: providing professional or expert advice consulting architect



Why choose us? We have been around the globe in working and shadowing in different establishments in all divisions, we have created a solid track record of successful establishments not only to build new establishments but also make existing establishments profitable and award winning standards


There is many different reasons why you need consulting


  • Consulting is not only for struggling companies

  • Consulting is to increase your social reputation

  • Consulting is to increase your profit margins

  • Consulting is to ease and clean your working politics

  • Consulting is streamlining your business.


We have an extensive range of experience on the whole operation of the hospitality sector.


Concept Group owns the following sub-companies


The  famous Koffi Terapi in Durbanville that is prime example of a successful coffee shop.


Concept Food Catering, a high end catering company


Suprimo Coffee Distributions


We strive for the highest standards in the Hospitality industry, we start with your clients and work back to washing the dishes.







There is a lot of variables in a Café, Catering Company, Restaurant. You as an establishment supply your clients with a variety of services.


The main aspects of a service operation is VALUE


Value is not but one thing value is given through a lot of different aspects


Value is generated on in a simple explanation

  • Service

  • Décor

  • Style

  • Food

  • Price

  • Trends

  • Innovation



Profit in the other hand is not generated in value


We offer an overview on the start to finish on your business to generate a report to find the establishments strong suites and the weak points.


The following aspects is where we specialize in


Financials of a hospitality establishments


  • Costings of bar, beverage and menu

    • We determine you cost of sales with a calculation to add aspects of market and inflation

  • Daily operating cost

    • What the cost is of your business on a daily basis, then to analyse it and determine the necessity of all factors

  • Supplier cost comparison and sourcing

    • We have a long list of suppliers we work for and create a buying power from all of our consultant establishments and owned establishment to source the best produce and the best price

  • Stock capital and selling price

    • The amount of stock in rand value at your establishment at a given time and what the worth is when sold

  • Fixed overhead comparison to the market

    • We analyse the companies around your area and what their market overheads are, related to your business and cost.

  • External costs

    • We determine your external cost that is easily overlooked in your budget. We compare your external cost to other similar external cost companies and direct you to the more fees able option

  • Marketing Cost

    • In this day and age Digital Marketing is essential to a company’s successes. Professionals create certain algorithms to determine your market and target those markets with set out campaigns

  • Raw ingredients in working

    • Every ingredient on your menu should be utilized in more than one way to reduce wastage and save space

  • Cash Flow

    • We help you manage your cash flow witch is a crucial part of your business that can make or break your success.

  • Managing payments to Suppliers

    • All suppliers have different payment terms, as a business you should use this payment terms to your advantage to strengthen your cash flow

  • Food cost %

    • This is the most important aspect of any restaurant, hospitality business. You should know exactly what the cost is for a plate of food and also know exactly what the profit is. To create a costing your prices should stay updated and include factors such as water. There is also a market related mark-up % to all your food items and can be classified into different categories for example the plough horse

  • Beverage cost %

    • This would be the same as food cost percentage but with a lot les variables.

  • Cash management

    • Cash flow and cash management is two different subjects, cash management is the hard cash used in your business and how it is spent. It is important to keep track of this very strictly

  • Credit and Debit card facilities cost

    • Every company charges different prices and is depended on your turnover on what your price percentage is per transaction which you are payable for.

  • Part time wage cost

    • Part time wages can get a high expense without knowing it, the best to monitor and reduce it is to keep good track of it and eliminate it with your permanent staff.

  • Convenience product costing


  • Kitchen equipment




  • Menu design

  • The art of plating

  • Standardized recipes

  • Menu Costing

  • Trend Analysis

  • Equipment sourcing

  • Supplier Comparisons

  • Staff Training

  • Standard Operating Procedures

  • Seasonal menu change

  • Function and event menu’s

  • Staff Costing

  • Portion Controls

  • Basic Hygiene and Safety

  • Waste control




Front of House

  • Bar

    • Coffee cost and source

    • Equipment agreements and sourcing

    • Beverage menu design

    • Beverage costing

    • Staff Training

    • Trend Analysis

    • Stock Control

    • Portion Control


  • Floor

    • Staff training and service excellence

    • Floor layout

    • Décor

    • Cutlery and crockery sourcing

    • Uniforms

    • Staff Duties

    • Standard Operating procedures

    • Equipment sourcing


Digital media

  • Targeted audience

  • Audience Persona

  • Content Pillars

  • Brand Building

  • Social responsibilities

  • Content generation

  • Building organic following

  • Ads

  • Content Calendars


Basic website design


Point of sales

  • Comparisons in cost and effectiveness, sourcing

Fixed and variable cost estimates

  • In short to calculate your fixed and variable running cost

Potential turnover calculations on changes and new business

Potential profit calculations

Risk analysis

Contact Concept Hospitality Consulting for a free strategizing session and let grow your business together


Consulting Rates:

Hourly consulting rates apply following the call out and start at R350 per hour.

Prices are dependent on services discussed thus rates may vary, and a quotation will be necessary. Hourly, daily or monthly retainer rates can be discussed once the initial consultation is done.


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